How To Play HV Rebellion

Video Tutorial:

The objective of HV is to bring your opponent’s health down to zero before they can defeat you. To do this, your character has several moves at their disposal.

On Computers/Laptops: Click on the various icons to perform an action.
On Phones/Tablets: Tap on the various icons to perform an action.

Click on New Game to start a new save slot for your game. Click on a yellow/green icon to play a mission. Click on the green arrows to advance the story (or go back). After reading a story segment, the icon at the bottom right of the screen will allow you to progress to the next part of the game. Beating the enemy of that level will unlock the next story segment.

Battle icons:

Punch Icon

The command attack is your essential way to gaining energy points as it does not cost any energy to use. It does some damage but generally not as much as other moves. Upon clicking on the command attack icon you will have to carry out command inputs. These are done by tapping the grey icons on the screen (or if using a computer/laptop, pressing the arrow keys). You have a small amount of time to carry out the actions before your turn ends.


-Special Melee
Special melee moves cost 45 energy points. Melee moves don’t have the elemental effects of energy moves but are unaffected by any elemental weaknesses.

Energy Icon1b

-Low Energy
Low-Cost Energy moves cost 50 energy points. They deal moderate damage and have a chance of causing an elemental effect on the opponent. You gain a reasonable amount of support points by using this option.


-High Energy
High-Cost Energy moves cost 75 energy points. They deal a lot of damage and have a chance of causing an elemental effect on the opponent. The only downside is that you don’t get many support points by using this option.


-Support Attack
Support attacks cost 50 support points to use. These cause moderate damage to the opponent and still allow the player to take another action after use.


By using the Tag ability, players will swap out with their partner. Tagging out will allow your character to recover some health and will swap your current element with that of your combat partner. This costs 55 support points and does not use a turn.


In addition to Tag, certain characters are able to transform to an alternate form with this option. This costs 5 energy points and can lead to changes in attacks and possibly the character’s element as well.


Use of the healing potion will recover 40 health points. This can only be used once per battle.


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