HV (Habilis Valitor) is a series that evolved over a period of more than ten years in various forms.

The series started as a comic which had key features of the series including elemental attacks and the dragon-like characters such as Blaze and Sapphire. There were other unique characters which have either been changed or removed completely.

The series was initially called Spark Time and then for a long time was known as High Voltage. The character Finn’s personality changed over time and he went through some name changes before he became the Finn that you know today.

Other characters had their personalities and appearances changed as the author became fascinated with new forms of media and other ways of telling a story. The overall story has changed many times, mainly due to outside influences and the struggle to define what HV is exactly.

The games were first created in Adobe Flash. While Flash was great and got my game in front of many eyes, I wasn’t really excited about coding and often led to me getting frustrated and abandoning projects.



With Scirra’s Construct 2 I have much more control over what goes on, it’s compatible with most web browsers. As a HTML5 project, it stands the test of time and won’t be abandoned like Flash was.

Now I’m working with TyrannoBuilder after working on some prototypes in Ren’Py. I think that will suit my Visual Novel style for future games in the series.

My name is Alex Filipowski and I hope you will enjoy HV as much as I have done in the process of making it. This would not be possible without my friends and family to support me. Thank you all!

I couldn’t have done this without some artists’ help. Check this link to find out more!


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