First and foremost, I’d like to thank those directly involved with my game projects. Kevin Ebert has been a great help in terms of brainstorming ideas and providing key bug testing during times where an external set of eyes are needed. He’s helped tighten up my script when it felt lacking and provided many of the important sketches used to solidify my idea of what exactly a “Darai” character is. He’s got his own comic series as well. Check his work out here!

The majority of the Darai cast have been sketched by Koko, who is a talented artist and will no doubt go on to great things!

A key artist in solidifying the Darai reference was AcidHybrid who brought my original species to the next level in terms of detail and expression. The rest of their artwork is brilliant and well worth checking out.

With thanks to Endyvang, I managed to decide how I wanted my Orkren characters to look, particularly Fervest who I had trouble deciding which direction to take that character. Having some sketches helped me move onwards and push forward to new territory. Some great artwork, definitely don’t give their artwork a miss!

Many thanks for my friends and family for supporting me and encouraging my creativity.


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