Habilis Valitor

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In a world dominated by those elemental abilities and the raw power of industry, there are people that seek to destabilize the foundations that the cities and towns rely on. It’s up to the Rebels to maintain the peace and stop those who would cause harm to Terra 5.

Here’s an interview I did a while back about HV Rebellion and it’s sequel in development: https://hvhub.wordpress.com/interview-with-an-aspiring-game-developer/

More information about the series:
About (Behind the scenes)

Game guides:
How to play HV Fury/Pride/Clash
How to play HV Rebellion

Want to experience this website with music? Check out my character themes. I don’t own any of the songs so your listening choice is purely optional. Apologies if the songs don’t work properly for you, this might be to do with regional music licensing issues. http://8tracks.com/alexfili/hv-character-themes

The best way to support my work is to pick up a copy of HV Rebellion and share links to this page with your friends! Alternatively, if you want to send a one-off donation (which is much appreciated if you feel that way) the link is here: https://www.paypal.me/AlexFilipowski


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